Welcome to the Institute for Practical Ethics (IPE)!

 “A sociologist and a philosopher walk into a pub.” This is not the start of a bad joke, but as co-directors with backgrounds in philosophy and sociology, we symbolize the diverse vision of the IPE.

In 2017-18, its inaugural year, the Division of Arts and Humanities launches one of its high priority projects: the Institute for Practical Ethics. By implementing the Institute, UC San Diego has formally engaged in the pursuit of becoming a leading voice on the ethics and social impact of cutting edge science. Doing so requires leveraging the unique strengths of UC San Diego in the humanities, natural sciences and social sciences.

We are all excited about the fruits of science and technology that pour forth from UC San Diego and other research institutions. Cutting edge mechanical devices make our lives easier, new medical research furthers human health and relieves suffering, and more basic science shows us the details of how the natural world operates. Yet we must always keep in mind that our wonderful scientific and technological activity serves our society, and the best way to ensure this is by examining the social implications and ethics of innovations. 

At the IPE we are engaged in academic research and debate about these cutting edge topics. We facilitate campus speakers and colloquia, host external visitors, and sponsor working groups of interdisciplinary faculty examining particular topics. We serve as the communicative glue that binds the wide range of faculty and graduate students whose research agenda touches on these issues.  We look forward to this year and beyond as we grow our programming. We hope to see you at an event in the near future. 

With best wishes,

Craig Callender

John Evans 

Co-Directors, Institute for Practical Ethics


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