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  • Craig Callender

    Craig Callender

    Professor of Philosophy

    Craig Callender is a Professor of Philosophy at UC San Diego. Prior to that he worked in the Department of Philosophy, Logic & Scientific Method at the London School of Economics. He obtained his Ph.D. from Rutgers University in 1997.

    His main areas of research are:
    • Philosophy of Science
    • Philosophy of Physics
    • Metaphysics

    He also has serious teaching interests in Environmental Ethics, among other topics.

    His new book What Makes Time Special? was published by Oxford University Press (July 2017). He is working on a range of topics in the foundations of physics but also beginning research on (1) the nature of future time biases and (2) a book on environmental ethics.

  • John H. Evans

    John H. Evans

    Professor of Sociology

    John H. Evans earned his BA from Macalester College and his PhD from Princeton University. He has been a visiting member at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, NJ, a post-doctoral fellow at Yale University and has held visiting professorial fellowships or honorary professorships at the Universities of Edinburgh, Muenster, Ben Gurion, and Queensland. He has published two books on the profession of bioethics, two books of sociological analyses of ethical controversies in reproductive genetics, and numerous articles about religion, science, ethics and politics. His most recent book is titled Morals Not Knowledge: Recasting the Contemporary U.S. Conflict Between Religion and Science (University of California Press).

Advisory Board Members

Core Faculty

Research Staff

  • Ramya M. Rajagopalan

    Ramya M. Rajagopalan

    Assistant Research Scientist

    Ramya M. Rajagopalan earned her PhD in biology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and completed postdoctoral fellowships in sociology and bioethics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Ramya’s work uses ethnographic and archival methods to examine the social impacts of genome technologies and big data in biomedicine. In one strand of her research she has analyzed debates about the meaning and significance of genetic variation for social categories of identity like race. Current projects investigate ethical issues in genome editing and gene drive, and the impact of emerging tools in precision medicine on medical research and health care practices.  

Visiting Scholars

  • Sophia Efstathiou

    Sophia Efstathiou

    Spring-Summer 2018

    I am currently a Researcher at the Programme for Applied Ethics at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). I work in philosophy of science, ethics of technology and art-based approaches to philosophy. After obtaining a joint Honours Masters degree in Mathematics and Physics (Warwick University) I earned an MA and PhD in Philosophy (Science Studies) from UC San Diego (2009). My doctorate studied multi-disciplinary science on “racial health disparities” in the US giving an account for how ‘race’ becomes multiply conceived and used by different specialists. I have since taken a hands-on approach to interdisciplinary science and ethics working as an “embedded philosopher” with projects in systems biology and biotechnology, while developing practical, performance-based approaches to doing and teaching philosophy.

    During my visit at IPE I will be examining knowledge management technologies and service robots as part of the ethics of encountering big data.


Postdoctoral Scholars

  • To be announced in Spring 2018.


  • Helen Olow

    Helen Olow

    Divisional Business Officer
    Dean’s Office, Arts & Humanities
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  • Tara L. Nadeau

    Tara L. Nadeau

    Academic Personnel & Project Specialist
    Dean’s Office, Arts & Humanities
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