Research & Activities

The activities of the IPE center on increasing the amount of ethical research and deliberation on campus. To this end, activities will include:

  • High visibility international speakers and conferences on issues of campus concern (e.g. gene drive mosquitos, robotics, stem cells)
  • Interdisciplinary research groups on particular topics, consisting of existing faculty, PhD students, postdocs and visiting scholars
  • Publicly available research, from academic publications, interventions in popular media, white papers or policy proposals, or other forms of creative expression
  • Convening of small groups of international experts for weekend workshops focused on an emergent scientific or technological issue


IPE Seed Grants

Small grants to UCSD Faculty that further the IPE agenda - coming soon!


The Ethics and Social Implications of Active Genetics

In collaboration with the UCSD Tata Institute for Genetics and Society, IPE will begin a research program on the ethics of active genetics. This program will include the formation of the Ethics of Active Genetics Working Group, running workshops on the ethics of active genetics, and the training of scientists.


The Ethics and Social Implications of Big Data

We are pleased to announce that our first Visiting Scholar, Sophia Efstathiou, Postdoctoral Fellow at the Norwegian University of Technology and Science, will join us in April 2018. Sophia has a joint honors degree in Math and Physics from Warwick University and a PhD in Philosophy and Science Studies from UC San Diego. She wrote her PhD on the use of race as a variable in biomedical research, and is now working on — among other topics — ethical issues emerging from big data and different scientific tools.


The Foundational Questions in Human Enhancement

Human enhancement is increasingly becoming possible using pharmaceutical, mechanical or even genetic means. The extent to which humans should enhance themselves is a perennial question in society, with such debates largely occurring using philosophical or religious ideas. Faculty involved in the IPE are developing a project that would identify the perennial questions and then design social science research that could contribute to these debates.


Biomedical Ethics Seminar Series

The Biomedical Ethics Seminar Series sponsors one speaker a month, followed by discussion. The Seminar is held at the medical school for faculty, staff, and students. For the most up to date schedule, please click here.


Funding Opportunities

Please see the Professional Opportunities page. 


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