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Science for the Common Good

The Institute for Practical Ethics develops and promotes research on issues facing the public today, with an emphasis on engagement between ethicists, scientists, and policymakers. We aim to close the gap between the rapid pace of innovation and society’s ability to responsibly deal with the tough questions.

  • What would be the impact on society if parents could easily modify their children's genes for specific traits?

  • Is it ethical to introduce reflective particles into the atmosphere to combat global warming?

  • What ethical principles should be programmed into driverless cars?

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John Evans Named 2024 Hastings Center Fellow

John Evans, Institute for Practical Ethics Co-director, professor of sociology, Tata Chancellor’s Chair in Social Sciences and associate dean of the School of Social Sciences has been elected a fellow of the Hastings Center, a research institute focused on ethical issues in health, science and technology.

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